50 Cent’s Estranged Son Says Their Only Conversations Are On Instagram

It’s pretty sad that folk’s sole interest in fitty’s son Marquise is because of his broken relationship with his father. The 20-year-old has done another interview with a small radio show where he speaks about his relationship with his dad. This host sounds super thirsty to hear about their estranged father-son bond.

SMH. Marquise was still a soldier and answer his questions. He says his contact with his dad has been reduced down to instagram contact.

I had a relationship with him growing up but I can’t pin point when things started going sour but it was something over time where certain event occurred and it was an unhealthy bond. I haven’t spoken to him the most contact we usually have is through instagram. He didn’t make it to my graduation for what reason you would have to interview him and ask him that.



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