North Carolina man decapitates girlfriend’s puppy with a hatchet after she tries to leave him

    A man was arrested in North Carolina for decapitating his girlfriend’s puppy after she tried to break up with him, police said.

    Antonio Hollywood Campbell, 18, choked his girlfriend until she blacked out and brutally killed her dog with a hatchet, according to Cumberland County Sheriff Ennis Wright.

    Campbell was also charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction when police conducted a search of his Fayetteville home and found a sawed-off shotgun.

    Campbell’s 17-year-old girlfriend told police on Nov. 17 that he pushed her face down onto a bed, sat on her back, and choked her until she blacked out — all because she was talking to other men, Wright said.

    That wasn’t the first time Campbell exhibited his jealous rage. Three weeks earlier, he allegedly told her, “Well if you ain’t gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog.”

    Campbell spun her puppy in the air by its leash and dragged it from the back of a vehicle before placing the dog between two cinder blocks and decapitating it with a hatchet, Wright said.

    The home of Antonio Hollywood Campbell in North Carolina, where he allegedly choked and strangled his girlfriend Jordon Stevens.

    The girlfriend said she didn’t initially report him for the dog’s death because she feared for her own life. She contacted authorities after she went to the hospital for neck pain.

    When detectives conducted a search warrant on Monday, they found the puppy’s remains, as well as a sawed-off shotgun.

    In addition to the weapons charge, Campbell is also charged with domestic violence felony strangulation and animal cruelty. He was held on $137,500 bond.

    Wanda Geddie, grandmother of Jordon Stevens, speaks about the horrific case.

    His girlfriend’s grandmother Wanda Geddie said she’s glad the 17-year-old is alive.

    “We were in the hospital. I literally cried because I’m thinking: It could have been you,” she told WRAL.

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