KIM & KANYEGOTTA SPEND $$$ TO MAKE $$$Up Millions on New Home!!!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have poured boatloads of cash into their Hidden Hills home over the past few years, but it was all worth it … because the house is now $20 million ABOVE water.

Sources tell us … the couple sunk around $20 mil into renovations since they bought the property — once owned by Lisa Marie Presley — in 2014 for $20 mil. It’s been in a constant state of design, re-design, construction and expansion — not to mention all the landscaping— until they finally moved in a few weeks ago.

Now get this … we’re told Kim and Kanye had the property appraised … and the estimated value is $60 million. Do the math, and they’re in the black $20 mil.

As we reported … the couple’s new compound includes a full music lab for Kanye, a huge master bedroom addition, a spa and massive closet space. We’re told there’s plenty more to come in backyard magic.



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