Safaree Has The Pettiest Response To The Nicki Minaj & Nas Break Up

And it looks like Cam’Ron agrees.

Nicki Minaj and Nas have officially pulled the plug on their eight-month relationship, and apparently some people (or should we say exes) aren’t that surprised. As expected when there is anything that has to do with Nicki, Safaree came popped his head out on Instagram and shared his thoughts on his ex-girlfriend’s recent relationship issues. And his comments were as petty as you’d expect them to be.

After The Shade Room posted the news of Nicki and Nas’ split, Safaree left a sneaky message in the comments section.

“Yup, we’ve both been having bad luck in this department,” the Love & Hip Hop: New York star wrote. “Sigh Rastafari… Ain’t no hope in these streets.” In terms of the “bad luck” Safaree referenced, he may be talking about his split from Alexis Skyy.

 But apparently Safaree wasn’t the only person who had an opinion about Nicki and Nas’ relationship. Cam’Ron also came out to play, liking a meme of the two on Instagram.
“When you get the woman everybody wanted and realize why her ass is single,” the meme said attached to an image of the once-happy couple. For those who don’t know, Cam and Nas previously had beef back in the day, so it’s not too far-fetched that Killa Cam would send a slight jab the Illmatic rapper’s way.

Of course this isn’t the first time Safaree has commented on the “Rake It Up” artist’s relationship status though. The reality star always seems to come out of hiding just in time to see her relationships crumble. He did it with Meek Mill, and now he’s doing it again. Nicki probably won’t waste her time responding, but it was a nice try on Safaree’s part.

Check out Safaree and Cam’Ron’s petty posts below.

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