Say What? ! Diddy Just Offered The Young Model From H&M’s ‘Coolest Monkey’ Ad A Million-Dollar Contract With Sean John “Put some respect on it!!”

Celebrities are still outraged by H&M’s racially insensitive “coolest monkey” advertisement. First The Weeknd, then Jesse Williams and now hip-hop mogul Diddy is taking action in an effort to make this right for the young Black child who modeled the sweatshirt.

Allegedly the King of New York himself offered a million-dollar modeling contract with his clothing brand Sean John to the young model. As of now, it has not been confirmed if the young king has accepted the offer or not. But damn, this is a sweet deal! Diddy, this is why you are Brother Love — because of this type awesomeness! We will keep you updated on this story. Do you think baby boy will accept this deal being that his mother took to social media to say that she was not offended by the ad at all?

via BET


(Photos from Left: FOX via Getty Images, H&M)



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