GTFOHWTBS!! Dutch Police To Confiscate Clothes And Jewelry From Those Who Look Too Poor To Own It

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West Occident), has announced a demonstration in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on Sunday November 26th. Reacting to this demonstration, many others organizations anti Pegida, anti racism and pro refugees held signs, gestured towards far-right protesters and tried to stop the far right demonstration. After several hours of tension and with both sides separated by battalions of riot police, the violence broke out, leaving as a result some people arrested. (Photo by Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto)

Dutch Police To Confiscate Luxurious Clothes From People Who Look Poor

BOSSIP: Not sure how they get down in the Netherlands, but in America this would literally get some police shot.

According to The Independent, Dutch police have launched a program that allows them to literally strip the luxury clothing and jewels off of young people’s necks and backs if the officer deems said person too poor to own such fine goods.

 Authorities believe that this effort will scare young men and women who have acquired high-price items through illegal means into either reporting to police or giving the goods back to their rightful owner. Yeah, right.

“They are often young men who consider themselves untouchable. We’re going to undress them on the street.

“We regularly take a Rolex from a suspect. Clothes rarely. And that is especially a status symbol for young people. Some young people now walk with jackets of €1800. They do not have any income, so the question is how they get there.”

They might just have gotten these luxurious items by minding their own cotdamn business, just like the cops should! How the hell is a bum a$$ beat cop gonna prove that a coat or watch is stolen? We know how. Find the darkest people with the nicest clothes and publicly harass and embarrass them by accusing them and taking their property.

Sounds like stop-and-frisk on steriods. Naw. HELL naw.


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