Mother Charged With Manslaughter After Police Find Her Infant’s Corpse In The Trunk During Traffic Stop

The baby was reportedly wrapped in a sweater and placed in a box.

In November, Jalesa Gaines was pulled over by the Jackson Police Department for having an expired tag. During the stop, Gaines gave police a different name. When police searched the vehicle, they found the body of her infant son wrapped in a sweater and placed in a box.
At the time, Gaines was only charged for giving the false name to police and abuse of a corpse, reported FOX 10.

Now, Gaines will be re-arrested and charged with manslaughter.

 Although the autopsy results for the baby have not yet been released, officials have confirmed the baby was alive at birth and not stillborn.

Jackson Police Chief Jerry Taylor said detectives are still awaiting an autopsy report from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to determine a cause of death.

When asked what Gaines said about the baby, officials told FOX 10 she “hasn’t said a whole lot about what happened to the baby” and she showed little signs of remorse.

Written by BET


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